Knits Division

After establishing a firm footing in the textile spinning
segment, the Company, in order to further grow and
expand its business, decided to diversify its portfolio. The
management devised a strategy of forward integration, by
utilizing its yarn manufacturing facility, and stepping into
the production of value-added finished goods, that would
impact the bottom-line of the Company.

The knitting division of the Company was incorporated in
1992, and since then, it has developed to become a
prominent segment of the Company. With a diverse
product portfolio, our knitted home textile products cater
to the retail and institutional sector for the US and EU

As we are a Company with a vertical setup from fiber to
finished goods, we strive to pass on the cost-saving
benefits to our customers, by providing them with
high-quality products at the most competitive prices.


Product Portfolio:

  • Fitted Sheets
  • Institutional Sheets
  • Nursery Kids Sheets
  • Pillowcases
  • Mattress Covers
  • Sheet Sets with Fitted/Flat Pillowcase
  • Duvet Cover Sets
  • Comforters


Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket


Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket
Girl in a jacket