About us

We operate primarily in the textile industry of Pakistan, the fiber spinning sector in particular. We manufacture and process all types of cotton and man made fibers, thus operating in the B2B sector of the industry. Our clients include some of the biggest names in the textile industry of Pakistan and abroad. We enjoy relationships that have been forged, maintained and strengthened during the past twenty nine years of our operations history


Who We Are

Gadoon Textile Mills Limited (GTML) was established in 1988 and became one of the largest spinning unit of Pakistan. It manufactures and processes all types of cotton & manmade fibers, operating state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Karachi and Gadoon Amazai, KPK province.


Our mission is to manage a textile business entity aimed at producing quality yarns through innovative technology and effective resource management.


To be the textile manufacturer of first choice for customers at home and abroad, doggedly pursuing for sustained leadership in the markets where it competes and making its valuable contribution in the country’s exports.

Core Values

  • Total Quality Management
  • Ethical Practices
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Innovation



Yunus Brother Group (YBG) is a conglomerate with diversified interests in textiles, cement and power generation. The group was established in 1962 as a trading house and then grew rapidly over the years. Currently, YBG is the largest export house as well as the largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan. By virtue of the acquisition of ICI Pakistan limited, the YBG is now the largest manufacturer of Soda Ash and the second largest manufacturer of Polyester Staple Fiber in the country.



Core Spun Yarn

Slub Core

Siro yarn

Compact Yarn

100% Grey Cotton Ring Spun Yarn

Manmade / Blended Yarn

Why Work At Gadoon?

We firmly believe that people are the driving force of our success. Gadoon strives to provide its employees with a friendly, supportive and safe working environment, one that helps them achieve full potential. We invest in our employees and make sure they are well equipped to function in this dynamic business environment.

Want To Join Gadoon?


Employee Testimonial

Good environment, helpful colleagues and target based work are the things that make Gadoon an ideal place to work. In my time spent at Gadoon, I have learned the art of accomplishing difficult tasks keeping time constraints. Gadoon has provided me with the platform where I can practice my passion for numbers.

Ibrahim Bhabha

Assistant Manager


2 Years

Since I have joined Gadoon, the positive atmosphere here is noticeable at every level. People are helpful and genuine. The one thing that enthralled me about Gadoon during the interview process and even now, as an employee, is the attitude of the seniors. I got a sense of company loyalty from them mixed with utter job satisfaction. My role in HR gives me the impression that company cares about my opinion. My seniors help me to explore work-related issues in a meaningful way. They empower me to find my own solutions and help me to make real progress. Due to the importance given to growth and development at Gadoon, it has encouraged me to pursue further professional certification.

Sumayya Azmat

Deputy Manager

Human Resources

I’ve been associated with Gadoon for the past 1.5 Years and it has been a good experience. Gadoon provides a peaceful working environment with supportive and motivating co-workers and seniors. Working at Gadoon has helped me become organized and committed when facing new challenges. We work in a very interactive environment, where our ideas are heard, appreciated and implemented.

Nimra Zahid

Finance Officer

1.5 Years

It was my first experience working in a corporate environment and that too a challenging one. The culture and the staff is supportive enough to make the journey smooth and meaningful. I was assigned with projects and deadlines from day one, giving me a hands-on experience of the corporate world which was earlier limited to textbooks Gadoon has coached and assisted me to polish my skills and optimized my learning curve.

Abeer Jawaid




I started my career at Gadoon Textile Mills Limited (GTML) in December 2012, it has been a worthy experience for me and I am proud to say that my job has empowered me, both personally and professionally. GTML is an exciting place to work where my colleagues and my seniors are always ready to support others. Furthermore, trainings and development sessions helps us improve and enhance our skills. My seniors have always supported me to pursue higher education, hence I am doing MBA in Supply Chain Management, the best thing is that while studying there are many things which I have already executed in my job.

Bilal Ahmed



4 Years

Gadoon is a place of ample opportunities. The critical success factor of this organization is the professional working environment, a mix of traditional and modern culture and the experienced staff. Making all these quality the main attraction for me to build my career with Gadoon. Gadoon has always valued knowledge and invests time and money in making sure that work space is a conducive learning environment. Hence I have always been encouraged to spread my knowledge to others by arranging various training sessions.

Burhanuddin Abbas

Deputy Manager

Taxation & Corporate Affairs

2 Years