Mr. Muhammad Hassan Tabba

Mr. Hassan Tabba serves as the Director at Gadoon Textile Mills Limited. He is also the Chief Executive of Yunus Textile Mills Limited (YTM), a state-of-the-art home textile mill with subsidiaries in North America and Europe. Hassan spearheads YTM while playing a pivotal role in providing a strategic vision to the Organization. Following his graduation in 2019 from Bentley University in Business & Finance, he has been working on developing corporate strategy for YTM. He has not only developed the organizational culture to promote transparency and collaboration throughout the organization. Still, He has also worked on developing partnerships with company stakeholders, shareholders, industry regulators, and other relevant parties. Mr. Tabba has actively participated in planning new projects and served in an excellent manner for the expansion and development of his organization. Mr. Hassan Tabba also serves on the board of the Aziz Tabba Foundation. The Foundation is working extensively in Social Welfare, Education, Health, and Housing. The Foundation runs two state-of-the-art Hospitals in Karachi; 170-bed Tabba Heart Institute (THI), a dedicated Cardiac Care Hospital, and 100-bed Tabba Kidney Institute (TKI), a specialized institution providing comprehensive treatment for Nephro-Urological disorder.