Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba, a leading business leader and a philanthropist, leads a conglomerate of businesses and export houses bearing the YBG brand name. His proficient leadership in diverse sectors – textiles, cement, energy, entertainment, real estate, and philanthropy – spanning over almost three decades – has earned laurels and accolades for the group and the Country.

Being the Chief Executive Officer of Gadoon Textile Mills Limited, Lucky Knits (Private) Limited, and Director of Yunus Textile Mills Limited, Lucky Textile Mills Limited, he has made YBG renowned both locally and globally. The flourishing industries and manufacturing houses have provided employment opportunities to over 15,000 people and are the key drivers of the economy.

Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba, the Chairman of ICIP started as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of ICIP in 2012 and was appointed Chairman of the company in 2014. He is also the Chairman of NutriCo Morinaga (Private) Limited – the state-of-the-art infant formula Morinaga manufacturing facility, which was established in Pakistan in 2016 as a joint venture with Morinaga Japan and Unibrands. Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba’s leadership, personal credibility, and strong interpersonal skills have been instrumental to the success of this joint venture.

Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba’s relentless energy, vision, and his ability to think outside the box created LuckyOne Mall, which attracts people from both elite and humble backgrounds. His vision was to provide a world-class entertainment facility that would be enjoyed by children of all statuses and income groups. Today Onderland at LuckyOne Mall is children’s favorite entertainment hub.

Besides being the Director of Yunus Energy Limited & CEO of Lucky Energy (Private) Limited, Lucky One (Private) Limited; he is the Director of Lucky Cement Limited, Lucky Motor Corporation Limited, and several other companies. Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba’s strong social presence in the business community has led him to become the founding member and first Vice President of the Italian Development Council. He is playing an instrumental role in contributing to the educational landscape of Pakistan by serving on the Board of Governors at Textile Institute of Pakistan. He has also previously served on the board of Hamdard University.

Driven to contribute to the community, Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba is playing a pivotal role as the Director of Aziz Tabba Foundation which runs the Tabba Heart and Kidney Institutes besides several other welfare projects. Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba’s determination to contribute to the community has metamorphosed the children’s emergency rooms of the government hospitals and he became a Founding Trustee of Childlife Foundation Pakistan in 2012. His altruistic contribution to the healthcare sector of Sindh and Balochistan has manifested in the treatment of 3.1 million children in ChildLife Emergency Rooms and 4.7 million children in ChildLife Clinics. In the past decade, ChildLife Foundation has evolved extraordinarily and today, 10 contemporary emergency rooms are functioning efficiently in the underresourced hospitals of Sindh and Balochistan.

Besides the Company, Mr. Sohail Tabba is currently serving on the boards of ICI Pakistan Limited and Lucky Cement Limited as a Non-Executive Director.